Simple Details Of Cheap Car Insurance In Wv And The Regulations


WV, or known as West Virginia, is the state where it is located in around Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. Known as the state in hills, West Virginia has the nickname of “The Mountain State” which of course influences the rules of car insurance, even for cheap car insurance in WV. The average car insurance premium in WV sure is higher than the national one. The state number of average premium is 808, while the national car average premium holds 789.

The Regulation of Car Insurance in WV

The regulation of Car insurance in West Virginia seem to change often, compared with other states. All the changes is always updated along with the important point that needs to be considered. It is mandatory from the West Virginia Law that every vehicle needs liability insurance. Liability insurance covers individual or business from the risk of being injured or killed in an accident. In West Virginia, the Liability minimum holds $20,000 for a person if he/she got injured or killed in an accident. If there is more than one person at the accident and they are injured or killed, the liability minimum holds $40,000. $10,000 can cover for property damage at the accident.

The Regulation of Drivers in West Virginia under 21

Along with the regulation of cheap car insurance in WV, there are also new driver licensing requirements for drivers in West Virginia. Resident is able to drive a vehicle in the state after having 30 days to obtain the license. Graduated Driver License provides the program for new drivers under the age of 18 to train the drivers before getting the full license. The program provides 3 step processes.

For driver under the age 21, there is some instruction permit that follows to the age of the drivers. Driver at the age 15 needs to pass the vision and written tests, get parental consent, and also submit a school enrollment verification form. Driver in age 15 needs to be accompanied by the licensed driver in or above age 21 while driving. Besides that, driver at the age 15 can only drive between 5am to 10pm. The driver may drive 2 unrelated passengers in the vehicle but all of them have to wear the safety belt. In 180 consecutive days, the applicant needs to have clean driving record at the same time he/she holds the permit.

There is also intermediate driver’s license regulation, which is made for the drivers between the ages of 16 and 17. The driver can get this license after the driver already completed 50 hours of driving or getting driver education course. To get this license, the driver needs to have a School Driver Eligibility Certificate. Different with the permit of driver at the age 15, the driver at the age between 16 and 17 has no driving time restriction as long as they are supervised. The 5am until 10pm rules still applies but they can drive unsupervised. The driver is allowed to drive 1 unrelated passenger after passing the second 6 months.

Tests that need to be passed for WV Drivers

Besides of those rules for cheap car insurance in WV, it is needed for driver to pass 20/40 of visual acuity while doing vision screening. It is done with or without corrective lenses. Road test and knowledge test that consists of the study material about West Virginia Driver’s Handbook needs to be done. It can be learned online.

Description: Cheap car insurance in WV requires certain regulation made by the state. Also, the drivers are required to follow the driving laws of WV to get the driving license.

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